Hamilton Music Awards

2011 Industry Award Winners

1. Music Teacher of the Year (elementary school) by People’s Choice

Winner: Dawn Martens - Buchanon Park

2. Music Teacher of the Year (secondary school) by People’s Choice

Winner: Dave Tabone - Bishop Ryan

3. Music Teacher of the Year (post-secondary school) by People’s Choice

Winner: Mike Malone

4. Music Teacher of the Year (independent school) by People’s Choice

Winner: Kate Quigley

5. Artist Manager of the Year
Joel Carriere - Arkells
Andy Curran - The Reason
Allen Moy – Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
Parkside Mike Renaud - Jeremy Fisher, Brandon Pacheco
Nathan Stein – Monster Truck

Winner: Parkside Mike Renaud

6. Instrument Retailer of the Year
Absolute Music
Mountain Music
Long & McQuade
Payne Music
Pongetti Musical Instruments

Winner: Long & McQuade

7. Studio Engineer of the Year
Brandon Bliss and Trevor Titian – Dinner Belles
Michael Chambers - Whitehorse
Bob Doidge – Blacken’d Red, The Torchmen Quartet
Mark Howard – Neil Young, Black Dub
Amy King - Alfie Smith, Dawn and Marra, Brian Meechan

Winner: Michael Chambers

8. Producer of the Year
Luke Doucet – Whitehorse
Justin Koop – Jamie Barnes
Daniel Lanois – Neil Young, Black Dub
Scott Orr – James Hoffman, Scott Orr
Trevor Titian – Dinner Belles, Rachel Heart 

Winner: Trevor Titian

9. Recording Studio of the Year
B-Town Sound - Jamie Barnes
Catherine North – Whitehorse, City and Colour
Grant Avenue Studio – Alfie Smith, Dawn and Marra, Blacken’d Red, Brian Meechan
Threshold Recording Studios – Dark Mean
Westmoreland Recording Studio – 40 Sons, Andrea Godin

Winner: Grant Avenue Studio

10. Website/Online Publication of the Year

Winner: www.southernsouls.ca

11. Artist Website of the Year

Winner: www.brianmelo.com

12. Video of the Year
The Creepshow – They All Fall Down
Brian Melo – Soundproof
Monster Truck - Lethal Weapon Cop Car
Finger11 – Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me
Jeremy Fisher – Shine A Little Light

Winner: Jeremy Fisher

13. Best Album Artwork
The Creepshow – They All Fall Down - Wessel
Dinner Belles – West Simcoe County – Ely Cass/Dinner Belles/ Walsh
Jeremy Fisher – Flood – Watrous/Waymen/Feininger
Alfie Smith – Sometimes The Rain – Amber Delaney/Sarah Pearl/Valerie Savoy
Martin Verrall – Spears of Fate – Wedekind/Harding/Verrall/Moore/Wintermans 

Winner: Martin Verrall

14. Record Label of the Year
Hidden Pony – Brandon Pacheco, Jeremy Fisher
Other Songs Music – Scott Orr, James Hoffman, Allosaurus,
Six Shooter Records - Whitehorse
Wind Up – Finger 11

Winner: Other Songs Music

15. Music Retailer of the Year
The Beat Goes On
Dr. Disc
Looney Tunes – Burlington
Records On Wheels – Dundas 

Winner: Dr. Disc

16. Music Director (Radio) of the Year
Andrew Bell – INDI 101
Emma Ditchburn– CFMU
Chuck Evans – Y108
Michelle Quinn - K-Lite

Winner: Emma Ditchburn

17. Radio Show of the Year
Get Hammered – Y108
Lou's Control – INDI 101
Lullabies in Razorland – CFMU
Sounds of the Hammer – INDI 101
Watermelon Throwdown – CFMU 

Winner: Sounds of the Hammer

18. Media Person of the Year
Lou Molinaro – INDI 101
Graham Rockingham - Hamilton Spectator
Jamie Smith – INDI 101
Ric Taylor – CFMU, View Magazine
James Tennant – CFMU, Hamilton Magazine

Winner: Graham Rockingham

19. Radio Station of the Year
INDI 101

Winner: 93.3 CFMU

20. Print Publication of the Year
H Magazine
Hamilton Magazine
The Hamilton Spectator
View Magazine

Winner: H Magazine

21. Poster Artist of the Year
David Kellogg
Jeremy Kemeny
Kristie Ryder 

Winner: Jeremy Kemeny

22. Major Concert Venue of the Year
Ancaster Fairgrounds
Christie Conservation Area
Copps Coliseum
Gage Park
Hamilton Place

Winner: Christie Conservation Area

22. Live Club of the Year

The Casbah
Club Absinthe
The Corktown Pub
This Ain’t Hollywood

Winner: This Ain't Hollywood

24. Live Sound Engineer of the Year
Anthony Cascella – McIntyre Theatre, The Casbah
Steven Foster – Studio at Hamilton Place
Lou Furlanetto – The Corktown Pub
Doug Smith – This Ain’t Hollywood
Michael Stewart – Hamilton Place 

Winner: Doug Smith

25. Musical Event of the Year by People’s Choice 

Winner: Supercrawl 

26. Theatre of the Year
Hamilton Place
McIntyre Theatre
The Pearl Company
The Staircase Theatre
Studio at Hamilton Place 

Winner: The Staircase Theatre

27. Talent Buyer of the Year
Jesse Dore - The Corktown Pub
John Elder – Copps Coliseum
Loren Lieberman – Festival of Friends
Lou Molinaro - This Ain’t Hollywood
Brodie Schwendiman – The Casbah

Winner: Brodie Schwendiman

28. Booking Agent of the Year
The Agency Group
S.L. Feldman and Associates
Live Tour Artists
Paquin Entertainment
Spherical Productions

Winner: The Agency Group

29. Tour Manager of the Year
Joe Cacioppo - Buffy Sainte Marie
Brad Ferguson - Arkells, San Sebastian
Ace Piva – 5440, Nashville Pussy, Econoline Crush

Winner: Brad Ferguson

30. Sound and Lighting Company of the Year
AVW Tel Av
Creative Artists Group
Lou’s Music
Soundbox Productions
Bates Audio 

Winner: Soundbox Productions

31. Event Photographer of the Year
Stephanie Bell
Ted Buck
Kyle Weir
Bryon Zammit

Winner: Kyle Weir

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